MathWorks Workshop

Signal Processing for Sensing and Machine Learning

Wednesday, December 7, 14:00 - 17:00

Location: Rosslyn I
Cost: Free

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In the past few years we have witnessed an explosion in embedded sensors and the sheer volume of signal data generated across a range of industry segments. Applications that utilize the signal data must be able to acquire, process and derive insights from the signal data efficiently. They usually require the joint use of signal processing and machine learning techniques on the time series and sensor data sent by wearable devices to classify activities and identify any abnormal physiological conditions.

In this workshop you will learn how you can accelerate the development of such data analytics and sensor processing systems in a single environment with a full range of modeling, classification, and design capabilities. Specifically we will focus on these topics in detail:

Presenter — Kirthi K. Devleker

Kirthi K. Devleker is a product manager in the area of Signal Processing and Communications at MathWorks. Kirthi regularly interacts with customers to help them adopt MATLAB & Signal Processing tools and has been with MathWorks for 6 years. He has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University.

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